The Monument in Kidałowice - Ziemia Jarosławska - Svidník - Serwis turystyczny

Monument in Kidałowice (Municipality of Pawłosiów)

Monument in Kidałowice (Municipality of Pawłosiów)


The monument marks the place of execution of Polish patriots during World War II. Those shot to death here included: Czesława “Baśka” Puzon, Zbigniew Kopeć, Władysław Półtorak, Roman and Jan Prośba, Maria Ziemińska, and others. Shortly after the liberation of Poland, their remains were exhumed and moved from this place to the New Cemetery in Jarosław.

The monument consists of stone slabs embedded in the ground, with a memorial stone and a commemorative plaque. A metal cross completes the monument. The plaque was founded in 1976 by teachers, parents and youth from the school in Jarosław which Czesława Puzon used to attend.

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