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5 new cross-border tourist products of the Jarosław District and the City of Svidník

Borderline areas have always attracted the attention of researchers, explorers, travellers, historians and geographers. Situated at the interface between different nations, these areas have a very rich cultural heritage. At the same time, these are mostly areas characterised by low industrialisation, removed far away from large agglomerations, offering the tourist splendid natural heritage. This is also the case with the two mutually cooperating border regions of Poland and Slovakia, i.e. the Jarosław District and the region of the city of Svidník. Here you will find peace and a touch of homely feeling, while discovering the beauty, remnants of old manor houses, castle ruins, cemeteries from World War I and II, small churches and chapels, as well as shrines and roadside crosses. The melting pot of historical turmoil and long centuries of coexistence of different ethnic and religious groups gave rise to cultural qualities which do not compare with other regions of Poland and Slovakia, and which are well worth a visit.
The District of Jarosław is located in the eastern part of the Podkarpackie voivodship, bordering with the districts of Lubaczów, Przeworsk and Przemyśl, as well as with Ukraine along a short stretch in the east. It covers the area of 1029 km2 and has a population of more than 121 000 inhabitants. One of its advantages is the diversification of the natural environment, resulting from the situation in different geomorphology regions. The south-western part features a rolling landscape of the Pogórze Dynów Foothills, with the highest elevation in the District of Jarosław – Mechowa Góra (447 m above sea level). Meanwhile to the east of the San River valley lies the Tarnogród Plateau with minor terrain denivellations.
At a distance of approximately 150 km from Jarosław, in the north-eastern part of Slovakia lies Svidník, a district city in the Prešov Region and in the historical region of Šariš. It has a population of approximately 12 000 inhabitants. Svidník lies on an important communication route from the Vyšný Komárnik – Barwinek border crossing at the Dukla Pass. The region of Svidník, together with its rich and varied natural resources as well as an interesting history and culture, is an ideal destination for various forms of tourism.
We are hereby giving you a guide showcasing 5 new cross-border tourist trails. Organised by theme, the trails were designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the complex history of these areas, along with interesting towns and more or less known historical objects, which were selected based on the tourist inventory programme in the District of Jarosław, ordered by the Governor of Jarosław, Tadeusz Chrzan, and carried out in the years 2017-2018. The reader will find the descriptions of the following trails: the multicultural trail, the great historical events trail, the manor houses trail, the burgher culture trail and the forgotten heritage trail. The guide is dedicated to fans of cultural and active tourism, who wish to combine physical activity with sightseeing, both those already familiar with the region and those who have yet to discover the delights of the borderline land.
This is an invitation for a unique journey in the Jarosław District and the Svidník Region, which we hope you will enjoy a lot.

With a tourist greeting,

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